Recruiting Information and Benefits

There is a major misconception in the softball world that if a player has the talent to play in college they will be found. While this is highly possible and does happen, it often does not and talented players do not reach their potential in their college careers.

Please keep in mind that the college recruiting process starts as early as the 7th grade. In order to gain the attention of colleges, players need to make sure they have their academics in order, a skills video, and the tools to contact coaches. This is where Prep Showcase can assist in the process. Prep Showcase has guidelines for skills videos, emails and contacting coaches that will help the athlete reach their college potential.

We are able to maximize your connections with college coaches through the hundreds of contacts we have in the softball world. We make sure our college coach friends know an email with your daughter's profile and skills video is being sent to them so they know to look for it through the hundreds of emails they receive each day from future prospects. While you're waiting for a response from a college coach in hopes they viewed your daughter's skills video, we are on the phone getting instant feedback from these coaches about the girls' profiles we sent them.

We have knowledge of graduation years and positions certain schools are looking for and we are currently helping match them with players in our Prep Showcase Assisted Recruiting database. We are marketing players to multiple college coaches, as well as exposing college coaches to players they might have missed in their recruiting search.

Benefits of being a Prep Showcase Athlete

   •  Free instructional camp with college coaches
   •  Access to College Coach Database
   •  Online player profile with video, pictures, biography, transcripts, evaluations
   •  Third party evaluation
   •  Online video library
   •  Unlimited online Q&A with college coaches
   •  You're entered into a data base that is searched by hundreds of college coaches
   •  We market and promote you in a more personalized way to college coaches
   •  We will provide exposure to college coaches at events