About Us

Prepshowcase.com was founded to allow high school athletes to take control of their collegiate athletic future. The first step in the recruiting process is to gain exposure to colleges and universities that will both benefit from the athlete as well as be beneficial for the athlete. If no one knows you exist, no one will recruit you.

Prepshowcase.com is a tool that is directed towards anyone that wants to continue their passion for a game they love at the collegiate level. If you have ever dared to dream about playing collegiate athletics, whether on scholarship or not, this is the place for you.


Signing up for a membership opens the door to you for the following services:

• A personalized online profile with all the personal information a coach needs

• The ability to host action and profile pictures of you

• Unlimited* hosting of video footage of you participating in your sport

• Unlimited revisions to the information on your site

• Unlimited use of our exclusive recruiting organizer

• Unfettered access to online exposure andrecruiting assistance

• Access to our coaches database with contact information for every school that offers your sport*

• Your profile is searchable by thousands of coaches nationwide at all levels

• Special offers for reduced fees to affiliated instructional camps and showcases*

• The ability to post information about upcoming events important to you

• Certified academic and athletic information posted to your profile*

In addition to your online profile available for collegiate coaches to browse, our site allows you to do what the majority of other sites do not. We give you access to our collegiate coach database*, thereby eliminating the need for you to spend countless hours researching college coaches contact information. Shop around, you will quickly find that there are few, IF ANY, other sites that provide this service!


*Some fees may apply.